If you call me during business hours, you’ll have a good chance of reaching me; I’m usually pretty easy to reach.

And if I’m not there to talk right then and there and you leave a message, I can always get back to you within half a business day (e.g., if you leave a message in the afternoon, I’ll call you back by the following morning, and vice versa).

My phone number (disguised here so that humans can read it more easily than machines, and to have a little bit of fun with numbers and the way our minds take in words and numbers), is:

Fore won 5. Sicks for to. 3 ate oh ate.

And please do accept my apologies for the dangling preposition!

My email address is:

My first name (spelled with an H), at the
name of the company, as set out above,
all one word, and then dot com.

But if you’re leery of spelling my last name correctly, or typing all those letters in the address correctly, you can simply use an oldie but goodie email address I retain for this very purpose, which is the initials of my first and last name – the two letters — and then (a company that’s provided a great service over the years).