About JFRQ Consulting


In yet another chapter of, “Ain’t the Internet Grand,” you and a few others have landed on  a page that, until 4/30/13, I didn’t even know existed on this site!

Until 5/1/13, this page used to say this and only this:

JFRQ Consulting provides financial health advice. So we help people make good decisions about anything that has to do with their overall financial wellbeing, and we do it without selling any products or services other than our financial health advisory services.

No sales, no asset gathering: just pure financial health advice.

In this blog, then, we’ll be touching on the myriad topics having to do with financial health.


Much the same can be said of John Friedman Financial — the new-ish name of the same business (Long Live JFRQ!) — but, were I writing these sentences today, I’d use the first person voice.

I have no idea how this old JFRQ language got onto the JFF site, or how some webcrawler or spider found it or why people are looking at it all of a sudden.

But as long as you’re here, please do go to the Home page and have a look around.

If you’re a prospect, once you arrive on that page it’s great to view the five videos, in the order shown, top to bottom, and then continue on from there. And if you want to see my Twitter feed and my blog feed, then please look a bit further down on that page, below the videos.

So thanks for stopping in! And do drop me a line, if you have a chance, to let me know what it is that brought you to this page of all pages!