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The Problem with Trying to Predict the Future: Whooz t’ Know?

Today I awake to a report that growth of the GDP last quarter was anemic, at a 1.1% annual rate (3% to 5% is usually considered Goldilocksian just right, in the sense that too much growth can generate wicked inflation, and too little growth can feed on itself to generate […]

Sales 101

I wake up to George Bush giving a press conference. I have never wanted to have normal blog faire in here — no bald political statements in here — so watch me pull a financial health topic out of my hat/out of my politics. * * * The impetus for […]

Dogs in fights

A friend recently sent me a pdf file of a piece by Yesim Tokat, Ph.D., of Investment Counseling & Research, which as far as I can tell is Vanguard’s R&D division. Here is the link: And here are a few paragraphs from the Executive Summary (I guess in blogland […]

NiNY strategies

A friend writes: I have been told that there will come a timethat our monetary system will fall and that theonly thing that will be useful to have would begold that is in my possession. I am also told itcould happen in my lifetime (and that that iswhy the US […]

An exquisite balance

Well, it’s been a year — and then some — since I wrote. I’m happy to report that, since I last wrote, the acute depression I was suffering as 2004 wound down — generated exclusively by the results of the 2004 election and therefore properly diagnosed as Post Election Distress […]