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The Is Have It

Or should I say the “I”s have it? The phrase Impact Investing is of relatively recent origin. Yesterday I attended an afternoon program about the Is (the eyes?) and learned all about how the older idea of SRI (socially responsible investing) has given way to II (not to be confused […]

The Numb of the Moment: Slowed Growth vs. Stolen Money

Ahhh . . . I now vividly remember that, four years ago, I could not but help myself from reading a lot of politics, pretty much every day — just like how, ever since the Ryan VP pick bubbled up on the Twitter-machine last Saturday night, I’ve found myself pulled […]

Knowin’ Komen: Being Smart About the Charities You Bring Into Your Life

This piece is about how to make smart decisions when lending your support to a charity. To get there, we’ll use as a jumping off point the story, much in the news the past ten days, of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure® charity no-go’ing, and then un-no-go’ing, its […]