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Embracing Change: Will You Jump, or Do You Need to Be Pushed?

Richard Thompson, guitar hero to many (me not so much) and all around very-much-a-Brit sort of fella, along with his lovely-voiced then-wife Linda, on their seminal getting-divorced album called Shoot Out the Lights, did a song called Did She Jump or was She Pushed? Far more of a music guy […]

Teach Your Children Well . . . About the Financial Aspects of Living in the Material World

Most of us don’t-learn about money the same way we don’t-learn about the birds and the bees: from our parents. Yup, it’s sad but true that most of our parents never taught us nothin’ ’bout sex and never taught us nothin’ ’bout no money (though some of them were big […]

Top 10 Things that Suck Cash

My first boss (from back in my lawyering days) early on told me that growth sucks cash, by which he meant, if a client decides to grow a company, you had better tell the client that s/he client had better be prepared to spend some serious money. My boss’s phrase […]