Tag: The Great Recession

Being Smart About Picture of Numbs — the Corporations-are-People-My-Friend Edition

Many years ago, during a client meeting, I learned anew that there are many kinds of intelligences — that any given person can possess high intelligence of one sort while simultaneously possessing low intelligence of another sort. Since then I’ve come to know in a much deeper way that, in the […]

The Difference Between Business-People and Financiers

Recently we’ve been exposed to a great example of the difference between business-people and financiers, in the guise of a clearly successful financier asserting, quite a bit more broadly, that he was a clearly successful business-person. I speak, of course, of Mitt Romney, private equity hero, repeatedly asserting that he […]

Are We There Yet? — The Un-Fun Fatigue Factor

Last fall and earlier this year I saw a lot of clients just loose steam on this whole recession thing. Since 2008 they had been just grinning-and-bearing it. It was un-fun to the n’th degree, but they knew the whole thing would be over sooner or later, and probably sooner […]