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Job Lock: It’s Real, and Obamacare Reduces It a Lot

How many people do you know who truly love their work? My hunch is that your answer to that question is, at most, something in the neighborhood of “oh, maybe a few.” And of those few, how many do you think would continue in their work if they had some […]

Self-Employed People Almost Always Underprice their Services

I help people improve their overall financial health, wherever that task might lead, and, since a lot of my clients are self-employed people, I help a lot of them improve their self-employed financial health, i.e., I provide business consulting services to them. This can range from helping them decide whether […]

Embracing Change: Will You Jump, or Do You Need to Be Pushed?

Richard Thompson, guitar hero to many (me not so much) and all around very-much-a-Brit sort of fella, along with his lovely-voiced then-wife Linda, on their seminal getting-divorced album called Shoot Out the Lights, did a song called Did She Jump or was She Pushed? Far more of a music guy […]