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Lots and lots of people have a real devil in their financial lives. This devil comes in numeric form, and is always in the double digits. Sometimes, even, the double-digit-devil begins with a 2 or a 3.   And, for a lot of these bedeviled people, if somehow that double-digit-devil […]

One Smidgen of Rant, Two Dollops of Can’t, and a Cup of Alignment & Transparency, to Illuminate and Praise Peace and LUV

The Internet is filled with rants. There are sites devoted to nothing but. And many blogs, of the “this is my day” variety, have virtual reams of rants. My guess is that most of those rants are for venting steam, pure-and-simple, and done out of self-interest only, rather than done […]

Dogs in fights

A friend recently sent me a pdf file of a piece by Yesim Tokat, Ph.D., of Investment Counseling & Research, which as far as I can tell is Vanguard’s R&D division. Here is the link: And here are a few paragraphs from the Executive Summary (I guess in blogland […]

NiNY strategies

A friend writes: I have been told that there will come a timethat our monetary system will fall and that theonly thing that will be useful to have would begold that is in my possession. I am also told itcould happen in my lifetime (and that that iswhy the US […]

An exquisite balance

Well, it’s been a year — and then some — since I wrote. I’m happy to report that, since I last wrote, the acute depression I was suffering as 2004 wound down — generated exclusively by the results of the 2004 election and therefore properly diagnosed as Post Election Distress […]

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