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Foxes, Henhouses and SROs

Very few people have ever heard the abbreviation SRO, let alone know what it stands for or means. For those happy natives in SFCA who read, the letters mostly conjure up Single Room Occupancy, as in SRO Hotels, which are hotels that serve as residences for people without a lot […]

How long can the market stay long-term flat?

Nicely ensconced atop the hubbub, sitting within the quite and privately-owned public space known as the Galleria Roof Garden, I once had a money manager say to me, we don’t have enough data.   What he meant by that is that one hundred some-odd years of data about what happens inside […]

Not all debt is bad debt

About a year ago in SFCA, Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartmann got booted off of AM960 Radio in the morning, to be replaced by Glenn Beck and Dave Ramsey. Sheesh, talk about a 360. The first time I heard Beck when I turned on the radio it was . . […]

The LIBOR Olympics: Winning the Gold in the BBB Competition

The LIBOR scandal has been brewing for a while now — five years by some measures.  But it was just a month ago, on June 27, 2012, that Barclays, a British-based bank, settled with US and UK regulators to the tune of nearly half a billion dollars (“nearly” here represents […]

And you call *this* a bad Apple?!

Apple’s numbers are in the news today, but this time the newsworthiness is not stemming from the numbers being great, but, rather, from the numbers falling short of the fantastic sorts of numbers people have come to expect. Personally, I still find them fantastic, in the sense of having somewhat of […]