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One Smidgen of Rant, Two Dollops of Can’t, and a Cup of Alignment & Transparency, to Illuminate and Praise Peace and LUV

The Internet is filled with rants. There are sites devoted to nothing but. And many blogs, of the “this is my day” variety, have virtual reams of rants. My guess is that most of those rants are for venting steam, pure-and-simple, and done out of self-interest only, rather than done […]

The 2007 First Week of January Test

The 2007 First Week of January Test From: John Friedman Sent: Friday, January 05, 2007 2:42 PM Subject: The “First Week of January” Test Greetings all — So, with the first week of the year just about done, how’s it feel to be back from the holidays, looking out at a […]