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Today’s Phishing Report: Knowing the All-Important Hover Function

Janie Clark and Stacey Cook write to tell me that my HDTV order has shipped. But — oh no! — they went and shipped my HDTV (I want my HDTV!) to the wrong addresses (499 S paolo St, Appartments [sic] 5B ,S Maria, DC [sic]/ United States and 259 11th Dr […]

That Phish was *THIS* Big . . . No . . . Really . . . It Was

Now *that* was a great phishing expedition. This afternoon I received an email that looked to be from US Airways, telling me it was time to check in for my flight. As it happens, I *am* flying somewhere tomorrow, and to a destination to which I have never flown before, […]

The Rules of Phishing Avoidance

Today’s post is a simple one about security. We start with the premise that there are scoundrels out there who want to do you harm. And, no, this is not The Four M’s (Marilyn Manson and Michael Moore) arguing that the corporatocracy ruling the land wants all of us to […]