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First Week of January Test (2015 Edition)

The other day, in the wee early hours of the Monday of All Mondays, subscribers to my email list received, just like clockwork (just like calendarwork?), their FWoJT email (their First Week of January Test email). This year the Monday of All Mondays — I speak here, of course, of […]

The First Week of January Test, 2013 Version

So how does it feel? How does it feel to be back in the saddle after the holidays? You can think of the way in which this first Monday of the working year hits you as being akin to what happens at the Large Haldron Collider when particles racing close to […]

An Exquisite Balance

It’s a Monday! Mondays can be tough sometimes, yes? Why, songs have been written about how tough Mondays can be . . . And this is not just any Monday. No, this is the first Monday of the New Year! So we look back at all the fun we had […]