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Roth Accounts: The Most Underused, but Very Useful, Retirement Tool

During the 12/12/12 concert a few nights ago I was double-screening — with the big screen tuned to one of the many networks showing the event and the little screen tuned into my own little slice of the Twitterverse. It’s always interesting to see non-music folks commenting on music. One […]

Jobs’s Loss Looms Large Too

In talking to friends the last couple of days about the death of Steve Jobs, one common thread is that 12/8/80 seems to be the closest analogue because, for those of us born in the 50s, and probably for lots of others as well, Lennon and Jobs both held out […]

Lennon’s Loss Looms Large

Lennon’s loss, felt more strongly today because this is his 70th birthday, still haunts. Lennon was murdered (here the dreaded passive voice is the right one to use . . . ) just about a month after Reagan defeated Carter for the presidency. What would 30 years of Lennon’s music […]