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Death and Dying, and Two Tears

Maxine Friedman died at 10:59 a.m. Central Time on Wednesday, January 18, 2017. That was a little more than a month after she turned on her hospice care and about three hours after I dashed off a short piece about how, all of a sudden, she seemed determined to exit […]

Using the California Statutory Will

No part of financial planning flummoxes and bedevils people as much as estate planning. It makes the powerful weak and the merely-average absolutely-incapable. It makes proactive folks sheepishly cower, waiting . . . waiting . . . . . . waiting. And it makes high-output folks stare vacantly into space […]

The Last Act of Love

Tom Friedman died at 3:43 p.m. today, Central Time. A bit later Nurse Ellen said, “See, I told ya. He waited until all four of you were here. It was his last act of love.” *  *  * We have, all of us, embedded deep within our biological self, a […]

A Tale of Different Deaths

Death hovers nearby always, and in all ways. The body keeps working, proving over and over again that it is nearly always impervious to perturbation, until it doesn’t, and then it simply let’s go — let’s go of the spark, acquiesces into hardness, entropies its perhaps-not-so-merry way toward the cold: […]