Category: Online Safety

You Should Own Your Own Email Address, Not Rent It

We all prefer being in control, don’t we? After all, it surely beats not being in control, doesn’t it (certain Shades of Grey personality types excepted . . . )? Why is it, then, that so many of us cede control of our email existences by choosing to rent rather […]

Today’s Phishing Report: Knowing the All-Important Hover Function

Janie Clark and Stacey Cook write to tell me that my HDTV order has shipped. But — oh no! — they went and shipped my HDTV (I want my HDTV!) to the wrong addresses (499 S paolo St, Appartments [sic] 5B ,S Maria, DC [sic]/ United States and 259 11th Dr […]

That Phish was *THIS* Big . . . No . . . Really . . . It Was

Now *that* was a great phishing expedition. This afternoon I received an email that looked to be from US Airways, telling me it was time to check in for my flight. As it happens, I *am* flying somewhere tomorrow, and to a destination to which I have never flown before, […]