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The Heartbreak of Student Debt

As a financial planner, I sometimes hear really sad stories. And sometimes I hear stories that are so . . . repugnant, let’s say . . . that I feel them in my gut and it takes my breath away and leaves a big pit in my stomach. On the […]

The Week that Last Week Was: Choosin’ Your Zoomin’

The Context: I initially published this piece as a group email in late mid-August of 2011. It was very much of-its-time, as the second week of August 2011 had been one of those high-volatility, big-fear, no-fun periods that happen in the financial markets from time to time (and, seemingly, from […]

Magical Dollars

Dollars are fungible. They really are — kinda. When most people hear that phrase, though, their only response is to say, “what’s fungible mean.” Lawyers learn the word in lawschool, and a few others learn it in their work. But just about no one learns it as part of their […]