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The Treasury’s Checkbook: Healthy or Not Healthy as We Peer Into the Debt Default Abyss?

Looking at a couple of statements from your day-to-day checking account, I tell new clients in our first working meeting, is like looking at the lab results your doctor orders when you have a physical. Staring out from those pieces of paper [pdf files] are a bunch of numbers that […]

Does Our Favorite Uncle Have a Money-Out Issue or a Money-In Issue?

Dave Ramsey did another Neil Cavuto simulcast this a.m. — coupling his radio show with Cavuto’s TV show on Fox News. Dave and Neil talked about how Paul Ryan understands that we, as a country, have to cut spending. When your kid wants a new puppy and you don’t have […]

Lookback at Week 1 of Daily Blogging, and a Brief Comment re: Jobs Report

Oops. Yesterday’s post went long. Lesson learned: explaining something that is a big mystery to most folks is hard to do (for me anyway) in a quick posting. How does Krugman do it? I’m keeping stats (remember the MBA’ism: that which is measured is controlled, and remember this Friedman’ism: that […]