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The 20th Anniversary of the Mosaic Browser and the Beginning of the Mass Commercialization of the Internet: How It Has Affected All of Our Financial Lives

It was twenty years ago today that Sgt. Pep . . . per . . . um . . . Marc Andreesen taught the Internet to play. That’s right: on 11/11/1993, Mosaic 1.0 was set free from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, located within the beautiful confines of the […]

T’is the Season for 1040-Tweaking: A Schedule for End-of-Year Action

Halloween is now ten days passed. I know this because there is no longer any bite-sized bad-for-you-food on the reception desks in offices throughout downtown SF. Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. I know this because the decorations are up and the holiday music is a blarin’. A bit […]