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The Treasury’s Checkbook: Healthy or Not Healthy as We Peer Into the Debt Default Abyss?

Looking at a couple of statements from your day-to-day checking account, I tell new clients in our first working meeting, is like looking at the lab results your doctor orders when you have a physical. Staring out from those pieces of paper [pdf files] are a bunch of numbers that […]

Fuzzy Reality

The number-crunchers won last night (and so, by and large, did the Dems). Nate Silver, the grand poobah of the number-crunchers, and therefore the chief focus of vitriol from those who did not like the trends the numbers since about mid-October had been showing, turned out to be right, and his […]

Interesting Number Sets Constantly Coming Out for the Next Six Weeks, and How to Use ‘Em

Ralph Fielding is the guy who took the ever-lovin’ math right outta me. Ralph was my math teacher in 1970-something, when I was a freshman in high school. It might have been Geometry — I don’t remember the exact topic. What I *do* remember is that Ralph had an odd mouth and […]