A la Krugman

I write long.

Given my druthers, when I have an idea to write about I exhaust my thoughts on that idea — let them all pour forth. And then I usually go back and chunk that stream up enough to make it easier to read. And then, to wrap it up and put a bow around it, at the end I typically fold-back, coming full circle to, with a flourish, make a big point. Voila!

The Goldman piece that I sent out as a group email in May was the longest and most intense group email I have ever written. It had the chunks and the fold-back and the big point at the end, but it was, admittedly, a workout of a read.

Some folks tell me they liked it. Some folks tell me they loved it. Some folks even wondered where it came from (as Neil Young said to Charlie Rose, I merely act as the receiver . . . ).

But many did not read it at all, due to length. Too bad, that, because I think the Goldman piece might be one of the better pieces I’ve ever written (ahhh, but it is so very hard to judge these things . . . ), and bears one of the most important big points of all at the end to boot (i.e., trust only your fiduciaries).

Now, though, I am going to try something quite different. Having watched Paul Krugman get better and better at writing short posts, and having read him a lot now, I admire the facility, I see the challenge, and I take it up.

So, beginning today, 6/1/10, look for a short post each day. Maybe more. I’ll do my best to not make all of them about investing which, gosh knows, is beaten to death day after day after day in the blogosphere.

They will, as always, focus on financial health. Yay.

Until tomorrow, then, here’s to your overall financial health, and may it continuously improve.


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