The 2009 First Week of January Test — Part 1

From: John Friedman
Sent: Monday, January 05, 2009 11:38 AM
Subject: Part 1 of The First Week of January Test — a very quick (two minutes’ worth) group email that you should please read when you first get it

Monday, January 5, 2009
Early Morning

Greetings —

This is a group email, coming to you via two parts, going out to friends and clients of JFRQ Consulting re: The First Week of January Test.  Part 1 — this email — is exceedingly brief; ideally you’ll read it, right here right now, as soon as you receive it, and then spend a moment or two thinking and pondering and percolating on it.  Part 2, which talks in detail about what the test is all about, is longer, and will come to you via a separate email in a day or so; please read it whenever you have the chance (but sooner is better).

So quick! — very quick! — top-of-mind, and without thinking (all the better to access your real self … ) or posturing (after all, there is no one in here but you …), answer this question:

How does it feel to be back after the holidays?

Are you all excited about having a brand-spanking, perfectly-empty-vessel-to-fill-as-you-wish, shiny, spiffy, new year at your beck and call — one that holds great promise for you?

Or are you feeling unexcited about it?

Or something in between?

Now please spend a minute or two thinking about that question — or better yet, writing down some thoughts about that question and about how you intend to fill up the currently mostly-empty vessel that is 2009.  OK?  Then look for Part 2 coming your way in a day or so.

And, yes, this question does indeed have very much to do with financial health, as do all these group emails.  And, yes again, if you did the First Week of January Test last year or in previous years, please do it again.  It’ll likely do you a world of good, because it’s likely to be different every time you go through it …

Cheers, and a great 2009 to all,



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